Tuesday, 1 September 2009


So here we go, my first blog post, and just a quick one. :o)
Its official, the Xbox 360 is getting a price drop, probably in response to Sony's price drop on the PS3.
So thought I would wrap up whats going on!

There are 3 tiers of 360 out there so lets look at each one in turn...

The "Arcade"

Your "entry level" 360 if you like. No bells and whistles here sorry. You get no hard drive, wired controllers, a general lack of respect from your friends and peers and it probably smells funny. It still supports component HD though (not HDMI) and Microsoft have kindly dropped the price on this to about £130 ($199)

The "PRO" (for the professional consumer I assume)
This is your mid tier console, and the one you will find most people have. The "Pro" boasts a wireless controller, headset, Component HD support (not HDMI), a free month of Xbox Live gold membership and a 20gb Hard drive. There is a newer "Pro" available which added a HDMI port and a 60gb HDD (Surprising how this came out at the same time as the PS3 arriving on the scene)

I understand that this console is being phased out and you can't pick up a new one in store anymore .... well you won't be able to in the future anyway. If you own one, its going to be a collectors item.

The "Elite"
Now we are talking. This is the big daddy of the 360 family. Quieter, with a monster (in console terms)
120gb HDD, HDMI support, wireless controller, headset and most importantly a new coat of lovely black paint, if you own one people will know that your gaming heart is an obsidian block of merciless destruction, bent on crushing your online enemies with the maximum humiliation!!

OK well it doesn't quiet inspire that kind of reaction however the good news is that this can now be purchased for a very reasonable £200.
And in my opinion the best buy for a newbie to the 360 world.

So there you go. My first blog, more of a news piece than anything, rest assured some true blogging is on its way as I plan to give you my thoughts on Mirrors Edge, Infamous, WipeOut HD Batman: Arkham Asylum... once I get through it and many more!

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  1. Your fine blog be officially a member of my favourites tool bar. Whilst I am not a gaming aficionado, I find your brand of witty, insightful, clearly knowledgeable and passionate blogging to be useful, amusing, informative and entertaining. What more could I ask for, mmmm perhaps I need to get out a little more!