Monday, 2 November 2009


Hey all sorry I haven't updated the blog in a LONG time, if I am honest I have been saving up tings to write about... and there will be a GLUT of updates soon. I have thoughts on piracy, Borderlands, Batman Arkam Asylum, Dirt 2, FIFA 10, Wolfenstien and the Far Cry2 movie (yes movie).

In the meantime however, my usual Internet haunt the mighty Rock, paper, Shotgun are currently running a rather generous competition about upcoming mega RPG Dragon Age.

You can see the details here

Now for the attention of Jim, Kieron, Alan & John, my entry is below:


And so our hero stepped from the tower of magic... and he was... unremarkable.

A mage of moderate magical prowess, of moderate tastes, moderate views and moderate fashion sense.

He loved the magic circle, mostly for the grey shade of robe he could wear. The constant instruction to resist temptation.. to be dull. It was great!

He wears a smirk (which can be seen on his portrait)... one someone could only wear when completely confident in his own adequateness.

It is if the gods themselves, the creators of this indifferent hero simply let their tools of divine creation rest in the middle, the centre... the boring boring middle of the road. Nothing to either extreme.

He is our hero, your hero and he is normal. They named him well.

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